About Us


Charita Matthews, Chief Editor


My Background

Ever since my college days, people have sought my help regarding proofreading and editing documents such as: research papers, articles, blog posts, and more. Through constant practice during my educational career, I developed this skill to an expert level.


My Method

As an avid reader, I have a love and respect for the English language which causes me to mentally correct grammatical errors while reading books, blogs, articles, closed captions, street signs–even text messages and social media posts from friends & family. Although my loved ones may have found it annoying, I realized it was an opportunity to help authors put their best foot forward. Let me help you perfect your writing so you can focus on creating and publishing your bodies of work!

Our Process

We Are Dedicated to the Craft

1. Inquiry

Book a consultation so that we may answer any questions you have. You may submit a sample page for editing during this stage to ensure we are a good fit.

2. Establish Terms

Our service contract includes a non-disclosure agreement to protect your intellectual property.

3. Read & Revise

The average novel length book takes about one week to read through, proofread, edit and make suggestions. We make direct edits via Google drive which tracks changes for your convenience. Any changes that require clarification will be made as a suggestion that you may accept, reject, or reply to directly on the document.

4. Verify & Launch

After the author reviews the changes, we make a second pass to ensure everything is in place. If the author chooses to move forward from this point, we send the manuscript off to our first readers for feedback. Otherwise, our work is done!

Our clients

Let Us Help You Perfect Your Craft

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